Thursday, February 4, 2016


its not good but it is right,
when there is no one to see, you find your sight.
when you are happy, when you enjoy, you are far from reality,
but when you open your eyes, alone, in dark night, you realize your quality.
joy is myth captured in a fake bubble.
mirror is the truth and truth is trouble.
everyone wants to live with people in stories of fiction,
but the route to happiness goes through travelling alone in one direction.
dreams are good, dreams are great but dreams are lies,
sight of truth is the only bliss, but to see,
you have to open your eyes,
you have to open your eyes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


we dont know the reason behind the creation of the world,
still we try to find reason behind every word.

unaware of the brightness of sunshine and the reason of moolight,
still we try to see everything in black and white.

neither we know the sound of thunder nor the reason of bird song,
still we want to listen the truth for as far and as long.

we don't know the uncertainty of life and certainty of death,
still we wana catch the time and live as long as it gets.

reasons behind the reason is unknown and the reason is everything,
all of the time is made up of sometimes and sometimes something happens for nothing.


i tried to grab the air but its already in my hand,
i m searching for a place but already standing on a land.

i m looking for stars and sky have them all,
i tried to listen a voice while everyone is giving me a call.

i wana see the light while my eyes are shut,
i wana feel the wind sitting inside the hut.

nothing is here with me but everything is here as it is,
its not the world it is, its the way we see it is


Tuesday, December 30, 2014


i am sitting with me and we are both sitting alone,
i am looking at him and he is sitting like stone.

i asked him to show me the future,and he asked me about my past,
we both are going so slowly and time is running so fast.

i wanna look at the mirror and he showed me the shadow,
he is my reflection and we together make the show.

i wanna climb up the ladder and he is showing me my footsteps,
i wanna fly freely in air and he is giving me the maps.

we both are poles apart and an axis keep a hold
going in opposite direction in hope of a spherical world.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


for the few who walk through the dark
determination in mind, heaviness in heart
a road makes the way, under their feet
destiny pushes world, to play their part

for the few who walk through the dark
eyes full of dreams, shining like stars
a light guides them, secretly from behind
even success struggles, to be at par

they are envy of the man, and envy of the god
they make their own way, decide their own path
world on their feet and sky torn apart
for the few who walk through the dark.

Friday, October 31, 2014


trees come and trees go, rocks come and rocks go,
moments are passing like falling drops of rain in a row.

clouds wait some more, waiting to listen a story or a rhyme,
but disappointed they return, leaving vastness of sky, emptiness of time.

thousands of land, millions of grass, question in their eyes, puzzle in their look,
flying butterflies over the bush, like searching for answer in some religious book.

wires traveling from tower to tower, without a begining without an end,
wind is gushing aimlessly, randomly, between sky and the land.

rivers are still, rivers are quite, waiting for dams to give them a way,
asking the question - whom to ask ? and whom to pray ?

a train travel in midst of all, wants to listen, wants to talk,
live between them, sing with them, have a chat and have a walk.

but minds of passengers are empty with thought,
like a brazen land in midst of a drought.

destiny has made two sides of coin, one is on the show because other one is in vain,
nature asks question from running train and train is mute till the question remain.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


i dream of sky, but i am afraid to fly,
and by climbing ladders no one reaches high,

i dream to win, but unable run on the lines,
even when i walk i stop sometimes,

i dream of success, but i am burdened by loss,
and all my hard work depends on a toss,

but one thing, slowly, inside me is sinking,
at least i am thinking.